Barrier Tape Art (Absperrbandkunst)

by Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK)

Barrier Tape Art

DE: Absperrbandkunst

Website of Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK), the inventor of "Barrier Tape Art", who became in april 2020 during the corona (covid-19) pandemic one of the most valuable and important oeuvres of contemporary art.


Published: 13th of june 2020

Sebastian Bieniek's "Barrier Tape Plate Without Barrier Tape" (BTPWBT), was bought by a Russian private collector's museum for 175 million Euro.

It's the most expensive artwork by a living artist ever.

Read more on the BTPWBT website

Published: 9th of june 2020

Sebastian Bieniek's Barrier Tape Art went now also

international viral !

After recently several german art magazines wrote about the success of Sebastian Bieniek 's (B1EN1EK) Barrier Tape Art, also international magazines start to write about it and make it go more and more viral

Currently published the
Mexico City based Centro Cultura Digital a review about Bieniek's Barrier Tape Art

Published: 5th of june 2020

KUNSTFORUM international about Sebastian Bieniek's

sensational success with his new Barrier Tape Art oeuvre.

Germanys most important art magazine KUNSTFORUM international published in its recent issue a review about the sensational success of Sebastian Bieniek's new Barrier Tape Art ouvre. The text is written by the art critic and curator Peter Funken

The issue (Bd.) Nr. 268 is now online and in all art-shops available.

Below a video of the recent issue of the magazine.

Published: 23h of april 2020

Recent interview with Sebastian Bieniek

on Art-In-Berlin magazine.

The "Art-In-Berlin" Magazine published an new Sebastian Bieniek interview made with the art critic and journalist Urszula Usakowska-Wolff, titeled "Art in extraordinary circumstances".

Sebastian Bieniek talks in the interview about the 
huge international success of his new artwork from the up-to-date corona-inspired oeuvre of "Barrier Tape Art".

Read the full interview here...

Published: 18h of april 2020

Thanks to Corona artist Sebastian Bieniek (B1EN1EK) sold his "Barrier Tape Art Scupture No. 1" for 150.000,00 €.

He says: "I’m so happy that this happened. Thank you all! This piece of art shows all the sorrow and pain we live in, since the virus appeared“